Astrological readings are for entertainment purposes only. It is not fortune-telling, cannot predict future outcomes with certainty, nor guarantee future outcomes. You should not rely on a reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical conditions. I advise you to seek the advice of licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professionals for all serious inquiries about law, finance, or health. I am not responsible for any personal development you may experience, intentional or otherwise.

By scheduling a reading with Hugh Tran Astro astrology, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.

Liability Disclaimer

Hugh Tran Astro astrology does not represent professional or accredited legal, medical, psychology, or financial services; By purchasing an astrological service from Hugh Tran Astro, you acknowledge that no astrological reading can provide predictions or forecast events with absolute certainty. Readings, consultations, and any information, guidance, or advice therefrom is for the purposes of entertainment only

Principles of Practice

Hugh Tran Astro astrology is committed to the following principles:

I. To respect the client’s autonomy and wisdom to make choices for their own paths and lives. 

II. To be communicative and transparent about the astrologer’s own worldviews, philosophies, and spiritual beliefs, which are not representative of every client’s views.

III. To convey astrological information with integrity, diligence, and rigor while being honest about the limits of the astrologer’s skills and specializations within their branches of study.

IV. To be mindful of the client’s background to the best of his ability, as well as their unique social experiences

Inquiries, Questions, Reading Follow-Ups

Follow-up questions are appreciated and encouraged. If the client has any questions regarding details addressed in readings or need further clarity, they are encouraged to reach out via email. Feedback is always welcome.

Cancellations, Lateness, and No-Shows

All readings can be rescheduled or canceled up 24 hours prior to reading for a refund of payment. No payments already received by Hugh Tran Astro will be returned if late or absent to a reading without advance notice.

Payment Policy

If, at any point in time during your reading, or after, you feel that the code of ethical conduct enumerated below was breached by the astrologer, you are entitled and encouraged to request a full refund.

In the circumstance of any refunds within the contexts enumerated above, the astrologer will make all effort to provide the refunded payment within 30 days from the time of agreement.


By sharing your birth data with the astrologer, you explicitly consent to their use of your natal data for the following purposes only:

- For the astrologer to provide astrological services to you for the specified and relevant topics you have inquired about. (i.e. if asked regarding relationship matters, the astrologer will not use your birth data to discuss career unless requested)

- For the astrologer to save your information for future reference in consultations with you

- For the astrologer to save your information for their own private study

- The use of your birth information for any other purpose (e.g. teaching purposes, example charts, etc.) will require your explicit and written consent.